Bambinos in house designer Gail Baker berättar om sitt bidrag i Colors by You 2016

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I love colours and have the privilege of working with them every workday through my job as brand designer for packaging and assortments that you buy in shops and grocery stores.

The best way to integrate colours into your child’s eating phase is to have the colours mean something. Having a story behind the colours gives you something to talk about with your little one. It also can aid in getting your child to eat certain foods or getting them to remember words. This way, the colours are not only superficial.

Picking a subject that you can relate to or that interests you in your choice of colours for Bambino’s colour competition would be my best tip. If my husband and seven year old could pick, the spoons would definitely have something to do with a particular soccer team! For my own interests, it lies in teaching the child something relevant at the dinner table and about the earth. When Bambino asked me to give an idea of what my own series would look like, I finally decided to focus on root vegetables and dirt.

Why? You never see a direct connection to ‘dirt’ on any child’s product. Yet it can be such a beautiful (and trendy) colour! With my interest in compost, I could even get a word or two in there about adding compost to the soil to make the veggies grow better and aid in sustainability. The other three spoons are to represent our swedish ‘roots’, vegetables that were critical for swedes in the early 1800’s for their survival. In this cold northern climate, these root vegetables could grow well tucked down into the soil and shielded from the cold. They could also be stored throughout the cold winters, allowing for delicious and nutritious stews during the entire cold season. The colours are toward the muted side, making them more harmonic with adult interior decor. My spoons are an honor to these vegetables and the dirt that has cradled them. And what a better way to get a baby to start testing the flavours than spoons that can be matched to the purées. To top it all off, the four colours look beautitul together yet are not a typical foursome!

Good luck to all of the Bambino fans that will give Colors by You a go this year! I am looking forward to hearing about the story behind the winning entry!

Gail Baker
Creative Director and Designer, Bakerscape

Porträtt Gail 2016
Namn: Gail Baker
Ålder: “For me to know and you to find out”…som barn säger i USA !
Bor: Stockholm, men född i Ohio, USA
Gör: Creative Director och Designer på Bakerscape creative agency. Designar Bambinos nya förpackningar! 🙂