The application period has ended!

Add colour to the Bambino 4-pack Feeding Spoons

The competition assignment is in two parts:

Part 1: Add colour to the Bambino 4-pack of feeding spoons

Part 2: Tell us about yourself and your interest in design

This is what our 4-pack looks like. This is a winning entry from a previous competition.

Your entry is not complete until you have submitted both part 1 and part 2.

Step 1: Choose the colours

Click the spoon in question and select a colour. You may only send in one entry. If you send in multiple entries, the one you submitted most recently will count.

Step 2: Submit

Enter your details and click ‘Submit’.

Please remember to upload a photo of yourself (if you win, this photo will be featured on the packaging) and explain why you chose to colour your spoons the way you did.

You can submit competition entries in the period 30 March –17 April 2017. We must have received your entry no later than 12 noon on 17 April. The Bambino jury will select ten finalists from which you, our consumers, will subsequently have the opportunity to vote for six winners. The finalist entries will be published here on 21 April. Voting will then be open until May 1th 12 pm, and the six winners will be announced on the ‘Colors by You’ blog on May 4th 2017. See the ‘Colors by You’ blog for rules, regulations, hints, inspiration and all other information.

HINT: Click, drag and drop until you find a shade you like. Use the colour scale in the middle to adjust the colour. You can use the number fields to enter exact colour codes.


Six winners will be selected; their 4-pack designs will then enter production and be available for purchase in shops next year!