Tips & Advice

Nurse Evelina’s and nutritionist Therese’s tips and advice.

Our nurse Evelina is an expert in everything to do with babies, food and nutrition. Nutritionist Therese has much experience of cooking her own baby food and gives us further advice regarding the baby’s first meals. We’ve collected Evelina’s and Therese’s advice baby food advice below.

Most parents worry about food at some point during the baby’s first years. Are they eating enough? Only their favourite meal? What can you do to avoid nagging and bribery during mealtimes? Like many other things in early childhood, your child’s appetite varies. Sometimes they don’t want to eat much for a while and other times they want to eat more. This is completely natural for most children and as long as they are doing well and follow their length and weight curve, there’s no cause for concern.

Here are a few little tips along the way if you happen to be tussling with a tricky little 8-month-old who has just started to eat “ordinary” food or a determined 3-year-old who is refusing to eat anything but meatballs