Questions & Answers

Can I buy spare parts for your products?
Straws for the Snack ‘n’ Sip Cup can be bought as spares here .

I’m not satisfied – what should I do?
If you have opinions on anything to do with our products, a question or a complaint, we appreciate you telling us.

Contact us by phoning: +46 8 545 180 70 or e-mail: Tell us about your faulty product and give us your contact details and we will send you a pre-franked envelope and a returns form so you can send your product to us.

Where can I find the product?
You’ll find the whole Bambino range at

Which feeding teat should I choose?
There are three different teats for the 250 ml and 330 ml Bambino Bottles. Choose the teat depending on what you are feeding your baby.

Bambino Variable Flow
This teat has a cross-shaped opening. The flow varies depending on the thickness of the liquid and how strongly your baby is sucking. It’s designed for water, formula and milk cereal drinks.

Bambino Medium Flow
This teat has an opening that’s a hole. Designed for milk cereal drinks.

Bambino Fast Flow
This teat has an opening that’s a notch. Designed for wholegrain milk cereal drinks.

PVC, BPA or Phthalates – do your products contain these?
No, we don’t use PVC, BPA or the softeners Phthalates in our products or packaging.

How does the Bambino Squeezy Spoon work?
The spoon is screwed straight onto the baby food pouch. When you squeeze the pouch, the purée comes out onto the spoon. The spoon fits most of the baby food pouches on the market.

Why are the Bambino Starter Spoon & Fork angled?
The cutlery is ergonomically designed to make it easier for babies who want to learn how to feed themselves.
They are made for right-handed babies. Often babies use both hands equally. The cutlery need to be used with the spoon in the right hand and the fork in the left to work properly.