bottle 330 ml

Thirsty Baby! 330 ML BOTTLE

Thirsty Baby! 330 ML BOTTLE is an easy-to-grip and spacious feeding bottle that is perfect for gruel and whole grain gruel.

The new motifs refers to the times when children often drink gruel, i.e. in the morning and in the evening.

The bottles also comes with new teats, Thirsty Baby! TEAT ‘MEDIUM FLOW’ teat which is specially suitable for gruel, and Thirsty Baby! TEAT ‘FAST FLOW’ which is perfect for whole grain gruel.

Loosen the ring a little during feeding. The tighter the ring, the slower the feeding. The sealing ring on the bottle makes it practically drip-free when you screw on the teat.

  • Wide neck – easy to fill and to clean
  • Spacious – shake to mix the gruel in the bottle itself
  • Wide and short – ideal for putting in the microwave

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Product facts

  • Care instructions: 

    Wash the bottle with a mild washing-up liquid and sterilise it in boiling water before using it for the first time. Can be cleaned in a dishwasher in the top basket. The bottle is microwavable (remove the screw ring, teat and cover). Never use a teat that has been deformed by being turned inside out. Such a teat may come free from the bottle.

  • Height: 

    12.4 cm (16.7 cm incl. cover/teat), diameter: 4.5 cm (bottle opening)

  • Materials: 

    - Bottle: polypropylene (PP) - Teat: silicone

  • BPA free: 

    The bottle complies with standard EN 14350