Feed me! FEEDING SPOONS x4 Colors by You

Feed me! FEEDING SPOONS – Sweden’s and Norway’s most popular feeding spoon!

  • Angled spoon – easier for your child to eat the food
  • Extra long shaft – easy to insert into the jar of baby food without getting sticky

Every year, consumers are invited to choose colors for our feeding spoons in a contest called Colors by You. The winning entries are produced and launched the following year. These are the winning entries from last year’s competition!

Click here to read more about Colors by You, and here to find out more about the materials we use in our Products.

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Rema 1000, Kiwi, Meny, Joker, Spar, Extra, Prix, Obs, Mega og Marked

49 kr


Product facts

  • Care instructions: 


  • Length:  

    16.4 cm

  • Material: 

    polypropylene (PP)

  • BPA free 

    The spoons comply with standard EN 14350