Materials we use
Bambino is keen to take responsibility and do its bit for society at large. Our values are all about adding fun to the lives of parents and children and we think all children deserve a good start in life.

Children’s bodies are not yet fully developed which makes them more sensitive to chemicals than adults.
Legislation and standards governing children’s products are more stringent for this reason. At Bambino it goes without saying that our products must comply with the requirements set by these laws and standards. Under each product we state the materials the particular product is made from and the standards that it complies with. All the materials we use are approved for use in children’s products. All our products are free from BPA and Phthalates.

Organic plastics
We are sometimes asked why we don’t use biogenic or recycled plastics in our products.

Biogenic plastic (material formed from living organisms) does not yet have the necessary heat resistance and is not uncrushable enough to comply with Bambino’s quality guidelines on hygiene and safety.

In the case of recycled plastic, it is not possible to guarantee that recycled plastic is pure enough to be used in our products. While it is not possible to document the different materials, component parts and degree of purity mixed in at the recycling plant, it is not possible to be certain that the recycled material is harmless from a health point of view. We do not want to manufacture products that will be used by children from this kind of plastic.

Recycle our products and packaging
Our products and packaging can and should be recycled! Plastic packaging can be thrown away with plastics recycling and paper can go for paper recycling. It is important to sort plastic and card separately.
The product or the product label show the materials that the respective product is made from. Our Soft Bib cotton bibs are sorted as combustible general waste while Wipe Off Bibs are sorted as soft plastic.

Thank you for helping us to protect the environment!