Bambino Puree Cookbook

The Bambino Puree Cookbook is perfect for families who love to serve up home-made purées for their young children. The recipes are simple – everyone can follow them! The book is liberally sprinkled with joie de manger, and richly illustrated with pictures and step-by-step instructions. The book is surface coated to withstand conditions in the kitchen and spiral bound to make it simple to have the book open on the worktop while you follow the recipe. Professionally reviewed by nutritionist Christin Persson and nurse Carina Gunnarsson.

  • Fifteen simple and super-tasty purée recipes, created by master chef Daniel Räms
  • Inspiration and top tips & advice from Daniel
  • Use the same ingredients to prepare food for adults and young children at the same time

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Product facts

  • 52 pages 

    15 different recipes